Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Dennys Kuhnert | Acetylan on Twitter: "Made some bouncy/squishy balls to experiment with Hands physics on #OculusQuest 🙌 Result is quite satisfying (and frustrating). #VirtualReality #VR #Oculus #gamedev" / Twitter
David Liu on Twitter: "Holy crap look at that sweet procedural finger animation based on incoming notes... Or at least that’s how this is done, right? I can’t imagine mocapping every finger motion!" / Twitter
Fox Buchele on Twitter: "Heya Indie VR devs, got some exciting news!! Today we're launching the Fox Box Collective - a group of experienced VR creatives that are funding, producing and developing Virtual Reality experiences that push the limits on what VR can do! Thread here 👇" / Twitter
Durk on Twitter: "Just discovered @GravitySketch let's you lock the camera, so I created a little timelapse of a lowpoly house. Original is just under 14 minutes. Will keep lighting consistent next time :) #vr" / Twitter