DoctorWkt/acwj: A Compiler Writing Journey


A Compiler Writing Journey

In this Github repository, I'm documenting my journey to write a self-compiling compiler for a subset of the C language. I'm also writing out the details so that, if you want to follow along, there will be an explanation of what I did, why, and with some references back to the theory of compilers.

But not too much theory, I want this to be a practical journey.

Here are the steps I've taken so far:

There isn't a schedule or timeline for the future parts, so just keep checking back here to see if I've written any more.


I have borrowed some of the code, and lots of ideas, from the SubC compiler written by Nils M Holm. His code is in the public domain. I think that my code is substantially different enough that I can apply a different license to my code.

Unless otherwise noted,